Themespell values more for your privacy and security information that is shared with us via We collect and manage all user data with Themespell, according to the following Privacy Policy. 

This document is an important part of Themespell’s terms of use. By using Themespell, you are completely agreeing with the Terms of Use & Terms of Privacy Policy. Remember to read the Terms of Use too. You are requested to take a look before you share any sort of information with us. 

Data Collection:

We need to fix bugs and monitor our traffic, that’s why we collect anonymous data from our visitors. We usually collect user information like internet protocol addresses, data sent in response to some requests, web requests, browser type, browser language, and time stamp for requests. 

Types of Information We Collect

We collect two types of information. 

  1. Individual Information and
  2. Non-individual Information

Individual Information

The moment you register yourself at, we need to collect some of your information like name, address, mail, username, password, URL, credit/debit card numbers, associated billing address, and similar information. We collect these if you submit your information willingly. 

Non-individual Information

Sometime, we may collect statistical and analytical related information from users. The important fact is, non of this non-individual information is collected to identify you or contact you. Generally, it includes user IP address, type of browser, and several statistical data that you used to visit Themespell. Here all statistical data that we collect is related to the use of our site. 

Whenever we need to give you support to solve your problem, it is required to collect the site’s URL, FTP access, control panel access, admin access, etc. Here, we would like to know you that, all information is fully protected. Your information will not be abused by any of our support staff. 

Use of Data:

Themespell only uses personal information to provide services to customers. Sometimes we may even use them to communicate properly with our customers about our website or services. 

We may use collected personal information to:

  • Improve browsing experience.
  • Administrate the website. 
  • Send invoices and statements.
  • Empower your use of Themespell services available on the website.
  • Complete non-marketing commercial communications.
  • Send email notifications.
  • Deal with inquiries and complaints made by our users. 
  • Keep the website secure. 
  • Verify the given compliance with our terms and conditions. 

At Themespell we use industry-standard techniques aiming to protect from any unauthorized data access to our users that we stored. 

Information submitted by our users for completing transactions, delivering products, informing about new update releases, and addressing any customer service issues are strictly confidential. 


A cookie never provides any kind of personal indefinable information from users. 

Themespell uses cookies to prevent any fraudulent activity and develop the website security system. To keep a basic tracking of you whitelist and navigating our website.

Themespell will use the tenacious cookies to enable our site to identify the user when they are visiting and keeping track of their preference in kin to the use of

We will not exchange, share, or distribute any of these information with a third party without the consent of our users. After reading the cookies policy you are continuing, we assume that you are absolutely happy with this usage. If you don’t agree, then you should not use this website. 

Children Awareness:

If you are under thirteen or at the age of thirteen, you are not allowed to be at Themespell. We suggest strictly not sharing any personal information on the website. 

Storage and Security:

At Themespell we take reasonable organizational and technical securities to prevent any kind of misuse and loss of information that we collect. 

Our stored data in a hardly secured and firewall-protected server. 

Here, we would like to make clear that, the data transmission through the internet system is done basically in an insecure way. So, we cannot give any security guarantee about the data sent over the internet. 

Some issues may be related to you. So you are also responsible for keeping your data like login details, passwords, or any other total confidential factors. Remember that, we will never ask for your login access or password for support, except when you log in to our site

Your rights:

When you communicate with Themespell as a commercial deal, you reserve some right. You are allowed to guide us to provide any personal information which we hold about you. Generally, those information connected to payment of administration fee. Please supply appropriate evidence of your identity. Here you reserve full right to update your personal information. You need to login to our website and update your personal information. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

We may modify or change this Privacy Policy if necessary. 

The subject of the privacy policy is the outline of using the information we collect, what we collect, store, and how the information will be used in the future. If we feel that we need to change in the process of how we collect and use information as well, Themespell will notify the users of our website by posting an important announcement. Or we may send an email to our users. 

After any change, a user is completely responsible to understand the changes in privacy policy before taking any of the services that we have posted.