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our awesome moments

The journey is never-ending. In this journey we are like a family, we work together,
eat together, and continue to grow together.
We continue to live in the moment.

our Story

We are a passionate small team of developers who don’t develop for any other reason but enjoyment. With passing time, it’s now more than one year since we are in business. First, we were standalone workers then we formed up in a team so that we can serve everyone with our knowledge & products.
Along with Masud Khan(CEO) we formed our team and then gradually increased the number of persons. We aim to provide you fastest website with quality that will fulfill all your needs within the budget. We started creating HTML templates and provide services to website owners to create their websites.
Later on, we increased our sphere and started developing themes and plugins for WordPress. We do custom works and also provide solutions for your development problems. We put our best effort into maintaining the code and professional quality. We have our research team and development team. After gathering some research and experience we have brought some ultimate themes (LocalPress, Dynoshop) for you which will fulfill all your needs in the specified niche. Alhamdulillah, along with all of you we have moved this far and wish to go further.

Creative Team

We believe you can build the best website using our products all by yourself.

Masud Khan

CEO & Founder

Monzur Al Ferdous

Branding Manager

Asaduzzaman Abir

CTO & Lead Developer

Shuvo Khan

Frontend Developer

Abid Hasan

Full Stack Developer

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